Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Tenant Representative

With over 10 years of experience in Tenant Office Representation it is always surprising how often we come across Tenants in the market that have never heard of Tenant Representation services.

Much like a Landlord agent representing the Landlords best interests, Tenant agents are a strong advocate for the Tenants needs in the market place. This relationship helps to offset the landlords team of professionals and allows the tenant to find options and get a fair market deal.

Here are the Top 5 reasons businesses use tenant representatives:

IT IS FREE! Commissions are always paid by the landlord as it is accounted for in the listing agreement with the Landlord Agent. That is correct, our commissions are always paid by the Landlord making this essentially a FREE service to you.

NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST: We will represent your needs exclusively in the marketplace and show you all options that are a fit to your specific needs. This means we can take you to see any building or location in your market. You will never drive up to one of the listings and see a Tenant Agents sign on the building and can be assured the and can be assured the are working on your behalf.

LEVERAGED NEGOTIATION: With multiple options on the table we will provide cost comparisons and incentivized negotiations to get you the best deal possible. Great Tenant agents pull listings from multiple listing sites and even know when off market units are coming available. This will create competition between landlords and drives them to earn your business. Negotiation skills are paramount to a successful transaction and by leveraging the deal you will be sure to get the best lease terms and rental rates.

STRONG LANDLORD RELATIONSHIPS: We will act as a strong buffer between you and the landlord. Real estate transactions and the negotiation of terms is a challenging process, using a proven, experienced agent ensures a good relationship after the transaction is completed. A common lease term is 5 years in the marketplace, so having a broker ensures a strong long term relationship after lease execution.

STAND OUT IN THE MARKET: Our services help you stand out in the market as we deliver a professional and streamlined approach to securing space. Our agents will help you put together a tenant package that will help sell your viability as a strong tenant. This way, the landlord will want you as their first choice over other interested parties. Did you know that most completed leases in the market are broker-to-broker negotiations, not broker to company transactions?

There are a multitude of other reasons to use a tenant broker while looking to negotiate a lease or find space. Tenants use brokers to find industrial, flex, office and retail space.

A great tenant agent will save you time, money and resources as they can move you through the process faster. They also have all the key tools to help you make faster decisions by looking at market analytics, competitive analysis and common deal structure proposals.

Most tenants see this as a no brainer service since there is so much value and this is an essentially free service to the tenant. Be sure to contact the agents at Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate of the Rockies for your free consultation and experience our streamlined process.

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